How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool?

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Many people love to swim and bath in the swimming pool. This is not a bad idea. This is good for health also.  Regular exercise is needed for everyone and when people swim in a swimming pool they do exercise and they feel relaxed.

Doctors are also suggesting to swim everyday for better health. The good news is that more and more people are swimming everyday and they enjoy their better health.

Unfortunate matter is that many swimming pool owners are not so serious about cleaning.  They do not take proper care of it. Swimmer can face serious health problem due to polluted swimming pools.  This article is based on swimming pool cleaning, so swimming pool owners and swimming pool lovers can get some informative information from this article.

There are few steps which should be followed by every owner. When you decide to clean your swimming pool, then you should follow these steps.

Cleaning of debris

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Dirty swimming pool is bad for health. Cleaning of debris should be done regularly.  You should not use a hand skimmer to clean the pools.  A large net should be used to clean the pools. A large net can clean all the debris.

Pool brush is also important to clean the swimming pools.  Pool brush can clean ladders, steps and sides, and this is not possible by a skimmer.  Without pool brush proper cleaning is not possible.

The pool vacuum cleaner has an important role to clean the floors of the swimming pools. It can clean the floors very well, and now there is a cleaner which is called robotic pool cleaner.  It can clean the pools very well. Not only that, but it can clean quickly, so you can save your time. It has high capability to clean.  Cleaning of carpet once a week is also must and it should be done by a pool vacuum cleaner.

Poly-bristle brush also has an important role to clean the drains.  Clean the drains carefully; otherwise some problems will be happened in the future.

Change water after few days

This is also important to maintain a swimming pool properly. The changing of water is must after seven to ten days. Without changing of water this is almost impossible to make clean the pools.  If you do not change the water within seven to ten days, then their pools will not be hygienic.  Always try to maintain water levels, and this is also important for a swimming pool.

Maintain the proper chemicals level

A few chemicals should be mixed in water to maintain the water.  Some chemicals can clean the water. You should check the chemical level every day if possible; otherwise you must check the chemical level twice or thrice a week. There are many chemical testers available in the market, but a branded and a good quality tester is must to check the pH level of the water of the swimming pool.

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pH level must be between 7.2 to 7.6 and this is normal.  If you find that the pH level is higher than 7.6 then you should use some methods to decrease pH level, and if you find that the pH level is lower than 7.2 then you must take the necessary steps to increase the pH level of water.

You can add some chemicals to increase pH levels. If you have no idea about pH level, then you can hire a professional pool cleaner to help him. Always remember that proper pH level is very important for a healthy swimming pool.

Use Sanitizing chlorine tablets

Sanitizing chlorine tablets are available in the market and it can be purchased through online. Sanitizing chlorine tablets can clean the pools very well. It has capabilities to kill bacteria, but it should be used properly. Do not use more than 10 tablets daily. It has capabilities to kill bacteria, so people can use these tablets to clean their skimmers, vacuum cleaners and other instruments.

Pool shock is good for a pool. This is a liquid product and it has capabilities to kill bacteria. Pool shock is very popular nowadays.  Many people are using this product and this is available everywhere and it can be purchased through online.

These are the main steps to clean a pool and everyone should follow these steps to clean their pool.

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