Some ways to heat a swimming pool in the winter season

Some ways to heat a swimming pool in the winter season

The winter season is coming within three to four months. People will also enjoy and swim in the winter season. Swimming is also very important for everybody, and everybody should swim every day.

People do not have enough to exercise every day, but they should do regular exercise for their better health. Swimming is the only alternative option of exercise.

However in the winter season if they feel cooler then surely they will hesitate to swim. Nowadays this is not a great problem. People can control the temperature of their swimming pools.

There are many kinds of swimming pool heaters available in the market, according to heat pump reviews solar, electric and gas heaters are more popular than other swimming pool heaters. These heaters are very good and popular, and many people, swimming pool owners use these heaters.

This must be remembered that the natural temperature of a swimming is average 78 degrees F, and it is approved by some American agencies and experts. However it can be dependent on the pool owners and locations, but the temperature should be between 75 degrees F to 80 degrees F. If the temperature is not between 75 degrees F to 80 degrees F then people, mainly the younger and the older may face some problems.

Some natural ways to make hotter the water of the swimming pools:

The swimming pools must be debris free; otherwise it will take more time to heat the water in the winter season.

If possible, then cover the swimming pool during night time and open in the morning and control temperature. It is also proved which pools are not covered with covers these pools can lose 4 to 5 degrees F at the night time. So if people cover the swimming pool then they can save fuel cost also in the winter season.

Always try to set up a swimming pool where sun heat is available. This is a very effective way to make hotter the pool water.

Never put salty water in the swimming pool, otherwise it will be an unhealthy and cooler swimming pool. This point is one of the most important points, and the pool owners should remember this point when they decide to take care of their pools.

Some popular and easy ways to make hotter the water of the swimming pools:

There are solar, electric and gas heaters are available in the market, and these are very popular nowadays. Most of the swimming pool owners prefer to use these instruments.

Solar swimming pool heaters: Installation cost is higher than other heaters, but after installation it has no other costs. It takes heat from the sun’s rays directly.

The average cost of a solar heater is between $200 and $400. USA government is also encouraging the USA people to use solar power. They are also giving subsidies for it.

Before installing a solar heater people must consult with an expert. It is very important. Only an expert can able to judge and evaluate the solar resources. It should be remembered always that without enough heat it would not work properly. It can be said without any doubt that this product is really good for the swimming pools. We can say it is not only good for the swimming pool, but it can be used for other energy resources.

Gas swimming pool heaters: Presently this is the most popular product. Almost every country in European and American subcontinent is using gas swimming pool heaters.

Till now there are enough resources of gas and its popularity is also increasing not only in Europe or America, but also in developing countries like India, China etc.

People must consult with an expert before installing a gas swimming heater. Only an expert knows the proper size for a particular swimming pool. There are many other factors which are not so easy to the swimming pools’ owners. The average cost of a gas pool heater is $200.
Electric swimming pool heaters: Previously it was the most popular way to heat the pools in the winter season, but due to higher energy costs its popularity is decreasing almost in every country. However, this is also correct that this product is easy to use and many people prefer to use electric swimming pool heaters.

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